A New Debut

Dear readers,

Some of you may have noticed that all previous content on this blog had disappeared. Poof! The reason for this is I wasn’t happy with what I was uploading. Looking back at some of the old reviews, the quality of those reviews were not up to my standard at all. I was considering deleting this blog altogether. I decided against that however. Instead, I thought I would redesign the blog, add some more content into it, and take some out.


The plans for this blog are as follows;

  • Writing posts. I have recently been enjoying writing and I figured that posting writing related blog posts would help me keep up with this motivation.
  • Monthly wrap ups and monthly to dos. Something I have enjoyed doing over the past few months were my monthly wrap ups. It was fun to look back over the month and see what I have achieved.
  • Reviews. Rather than just post book reviews I may even branch out into game reviews and film reviews. I will see what takes my fancy. A side note with this, I have decided to only review books that I really want to, these will probably only be books that I really loved. I found that the pressure of reviewing every book I was reading was impacting my enjoyment of reading a lot.
  • Miscellaneous. Basically a catch-all for anything I wish to add to the blog.


Thank you for sticking around.





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