Bullet Journaling

Dear Readers,

Well hello there!

I did tell you I would be back, it just took slightly longer than I intended. Since it’s been a while I shall just jump straight in.

What I want to talk about today is Bullet Journaling. You may have heard about this, it seems to be everywhere now. The bullet journal is a system originally developed by Ryder Carroll, it is a system that has been expanded upon by almost every group on the internet. The bullet journal really is a life saver. It makes things so much easier to keep organised. The good thing about this system, all you need is a notebook and a pen. Although I will admit I use a little more than that.

Currently, the notebook I use is a Leuchtturm1917 navy blue dot grid notebook. It reminded me strongly of Ravenclaw. However, that is the only notable thing I use. The rest of the materials I use are just whatever I have on hand really.


The most useful aspect of the bullet journal I find is the week at a glance spreads. A lot of the time I don’t use the calendar on my phone, so I like having the view available to me. Plus, it helps with preparation to know what is coming up in the following week. Similarly, the monthly view also helps in the same way.

What I also like about the bullet journal is the ability to be a bit creative and make it your own. Of course, my bullet journal has a Harry Potter theme. That’s the great thing about it, however, if you don’t like Harry Potter, make it what you want! Below you can see my books to read spread, along with a O.W.L spell list I made.

That was all I wanted to talk about today, just something short and sweet!

Have you tried to use the bullet journal system?

Thanks for reading



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