First and foremost I think it is important to classify how I rate books; I use a five-star system and typically use half stars too, because sometimes a book just does not fit into one area.

5 Stars, this does not mean that the book was flawless, this means that despite the flaws in the book I still loved it anyway.

4 Stars, it was a great book, but there were things about it that I didn’t like and they had some form of impact on my enjoyment of the book.

3 Stars, utterly average in every way.

2 Stars, usually this is where there are too many issues in the book for me to have enjoyed it. It could however also mean that despite being a good book it just wasn’t my type of read.

1 Star, I hated this book. There is only one book that I have ever given a one-star rating and that is Wicked.